Hermann's Attic Antique Mall
Attic treasures from the heart of the Midwest.
Over 25 vendors under one roof!

220 East 1st St., Hermann, MO 65041.
Phone: 573-486-9121
High Chief: Scott Bringhurst

Hours: 10'ish to 6'ish.
7 Days a Week


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Click Photo To SUPERSIZE! Click Photo To SUPERSIZE! Look at all that stuff! 1958 Silverton TV cabinet. I put a new TV inside & we play old movies all day & night. Reba says
We have the largest collection of vintage vinyl between St. Louis and Kansas City. I'm always looking to buy old records.  If you have a collection that you're looking to get rid of, let me know. Pete has some of the best rural & primitive antiques that you'll find in mid-Missouri. Lots of antique furniture and architectural salvage. Click Photo To SUPERSIZE!
Want vintage comic books?  We got 'em! Hundreds of vintage smalls. Lots of hunting knives and typical guy stuff. Dozens of high quality, antique Oriental rugs. Want to catch up on all the Hollywood trash talk from the 1980s?  Dozens of vintage Enquirer & Star Magazines.
A great selection of authentic, vintage bakelite jewelry. Records, records, and more records. Large collection of authentic, vintage eyewear from 1958 - 1962. Dozens of vintage Flying & Skyways Magazines from WWII - the 1960's. Sonja Henie 'It's a Pleasure', figure skating movie poster. Framed.
Original Coca-Cola advertising. The great blizzard of 2011. Click Photo To SUPERSIZE! Click Photo To SUPERSIZE! Click Photo To SUPERSIZE!
Click Photo To SUPERSIZE! Need a vintage Shriner fez?  Who doesn't? Did I mention vintage Coke advertising? Rare Beatles records.  Yes, we have them. Dozens of Golden Age Western comics.

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